About Marsh Gegerson

“My goal is to impel you to share in my creative experience of making art and inspiring you to do the same.”

Art has been in my life even as a young child. My crayons and paper were always nearby. I never dreamed that it could be my life’s work. When I entered Adelphi University at the age of 16, I wanted to be a nurse. However, my advisors told me I had art talent and the natural ability to be a good teacher. They convinced me to change my major to Fine Arts and Education. (I did get my R.N. later in life and both are my passions!).

I earned my B.A. in Fine Arts and Education from Adelphi University, New York, and taught Visual Arts in Park Ridge and Hillsdale, N.J,  Fort Lauderdale, FL  and Orlando, FL. 

While living in  Orange County, NY,  I continued my studies with Prof. John Gould at his Bethlehem Art Gallery,  while maintaining my own studio  and teaching painting . 

I have exhibited extensively and received many juried awards. One of my decorative arts designs was accepted into the Smithsonian’s “Trees of Christmas”  Exhibit.  My work is in a growing number of private collections and is also published in three books by Rockport Publishers. I reside in Florida and continue my art career as an artist and designer. I also conduct painting workshops, after retiring from teaching Visual Arts in public schools for 24 years.

What I love most, is teaching art to people like you, who are hesitant to try. I have great enjoyment seeing people take risks with paper, canvas and paint, drawing materials and chalks and be amazed at what they can do after a little instruction! In my experience, most novices struggled with not knowing media basics like, “What do I do with this paint? Why am I making a muddy color?”.
Well, this is why I am blogging!

Hopefully, the information on my blog will help both the novice and the more advanced artist. It is YOU that makes my blogging a success, so I encourage you to go to my CONTACT page and send me questions of what information you would like. I will be happy to blog info on the subject. Just keep creating. It is healing to the soul and spirit.