Art Bio

Marsh Gegerson, Visual Artist, Orlando, FL

Marsh Gegerson thinks her destiny was to be an artist because she was born with a crayon in her hand. Ever since, her 64 best friends lived nearby in her Crayola box.

When your destiny is to make art……

Marsh Gegerson enrolled in Adelphi University, Garden City, NY at age 16 to study nursing, but a turn of events enticed her to major in Fine Arts. She earned her B.A. Degree in Fine Arts and Education within 3 ½ years and began teaching art in NJ.  

Marsh calls herself a Contemporary Impressionist with a twist of Abstract. As an intuitive painter, much like how a child plays with a new box of Crayola, she is highly stimulated by her long ago summers, using color, texture and pattern in her art. Her subjects are mostly from nature; forests, birds, and botanical images that may be expressed in a stylistic and impressionistic manner.

Her Achievements and Honors

Most notably, Marsh Gegerson’s angel design was part of The Smithsonian’s ‘Trees of Christmas’ Exhibit in 1990 and is still in the permanent collection, stored next to the ‘Raider’s Lost Arc’ deep in their basement. Maybe. Her artwork is printed in 3 ‘Best of Watercolor’ books by Rockport Publishers.

Actually, Marsh has been active in the art scene for a long time. When she lived in rural Monroe, NY, she continued her study of oil painting at The Bethlehem Art Gallery with John Gould, Sr., retired Pratt Institute instructor. This was pivotal in her refinement of composition.

Her first solo show was in a converted barn-gallery in Sugar Loaf, NY.. Following this, she entered in many juried art exhibits, earning her Best in Show awards.

Where it all started.

Marsh Gegerson was born in Brooklyn, NY and her early world consisted of cement sidewalks to play ‘hopscotch’, tall skyscrapers that blocked out most of the sky and monotonous red brick buildings where only trees lined the sidewalks.

Happily, Marsh’s summers were spent in the mountains of NY State. There, she rolled in the soft grass, picked colorful wildflowers and amazingly could see lots of sky! With childhood curiosity, she studied tree forms and discovered how the branches made spaces and lines, but amazingly disappeared into the sunset. These inspiring memories actually made her the artist she is today.  

After her marriage, the couple moved upstate to rural Monroe, NY. where Marsh would ride her horse through the surrounding woods for inspiration and maintained a studio and taught art classes. In 1974, her family and dog, minus her horse, moved to hot, humid Coral Springs, FL, where they enjoyed sun, surf and sunburn.  

At this time, Marsh exhibited extensively with the Palm Beach Watercolor Society, Gold Coast watercolor Society and Women in the Visual Arts, all while earning an, taking care of her husband, 2 young children and keeping up a studio. With not a moment to spare, she was nominated for a Super Woman of the Year which she lost. Maybe.

New digs and new art.

Finally, in 2003, Marsh and husband Bob, moved to hot, humid Central FL to be near their children and grandchildren, while she continued to teach to high school art students. She retired from her teaching in 2017, to paint full time after 25 years as an art educator.

Presently, Marsh Gegerson is a member of the Florida Watercolor Society, Central Florida Watercolor Society, Florida Art Education Association and the International Society of Experimental Painters. She is continuing to exhibit her work and teach workshops in Intuitive Mixed Media Painting.

Marsh would love to send you a newsletter with photos of her work. Please send your email address privately to her email at with Newsletter in the subject column. She can be reached through: and her website.

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