I’m Painting Up A Storm.

Greetings Dear Artists,

I have been busy, busy planning paintings, stretching watercolor paper, painting a painting a day and taking this time to say hello. I decided to give up my laziness and start on painting a SERIES of the same subject. 

This is the best way for an artist to grow. I used this idea in my art classroom. I had my students pick their best workk. They were asked to change one thing and then repaint it. We did this three times. They might change the composition in the first one. Next, they took the ‘remake’ and changed something in that too, like the value or color scheme, or deleting something in it. By this time they were cozy with the subject and felt comfortable with changing it. 

Then I asked my class to abstract it, and not worry about proportion. Many master artists like Modigliani used this. He elongated the figure proportions. Braque tried cubism.  A good starter is to teach about artists of the 20th century who stepped out of the box and experimented with new ideas.

I won’t be long with this post.  I spend about 6-7 hours a day developing a painting. My average is about twenty four hours in work time.  I put the art work away to get a new perspective of it the next day or two when I self-critique the work. Most of the time, I find imbalances in contrast or color or horizontal lines are dipped a little. Then my time is spent correcting.

When the painting seems perfect, I take a digital photo of it with my iPad and save it as a RAW file. The size from the device is seventy-two in resolution and looks great on my monitor which views things in 72.  However, for a painting to be printed,  it has to be bumped up gradually in my Photoshop app to three hundred. This is a big file and would slow up the computer and take a lot of storage space. 

I resolve that issue by making a file called Master Paintings. I save it on my 62G-USB drive. That saves me time later so I don’t need to take another RAW.  It is easy to reduce this file to a smaller size to send in an email or post online. Remember. The large file is just for printing purposes. Most of the time I use my 72 file. 

You can get a lot of info about this and in much more detail online. Google ‘ How do I convert a RAW file to send to a Printer?’ A free app that can do this for you is called PixLR. You can get it by searching in Google.

Happy painting!

My Favorite Season. What’s Yours?

Singing Christmas Trees of First Baptist Orlando
It certainly doesn’t feel like winter here in Orlando, Florida. All of my senses say ‘summer’. Lights in palm trees doesn’t cut it for this gal. You see, I grew up in New York City with ice skating outside at Rockefeller Center. It was C-O-L-D but we loved it because we could slide down piles of snow the plows left by the curb. I’m not referring to small humps of snowdrift. I mean six and seven foot mountains of icy cold white stuff.

What else could a kid growing up in the city look forward to? Warm chestnuts sold from carts by vendors. They also sold a thing called ‘Charlotte Russe’ which was a sponge cake and REAL whipped cream in a cardboard cup. Ahh, sigh. Those things are probably gone in our 21st century. I haven’t been back to NYC in winter for 40 something years so I am no longer an authority on that yummy stuff. At least the Rockettes are still around at Radio City Music Hall. Please, please don’t update its name to something like Virtual Pixilated Music and Light Review. If it ain’t broke, please don’t fix it. We need to keep some nostalgia for our kiddos and let the young’uns experience what their parents and grandparents loved.

It may be warm here this Christmas Eve but I definitely will try my best to imitate cold weather. My electric fireplace will fakely burn and we will celebrate with hot Wassil made by Trader Joe. We will tell our funny stories of the year or watch Jimmy Stewart in “It’s A Wonderful Life” for the umpteenth year while our grandkids play video games on their phones. For me, the best of all is to celebrate the birth of my Lord Jesus at the Singing Christmas Trees, with thanksgiving in my heart to God for giving His Son. The Gospel has set me free from myself and my sins and blessed me with joy and peace beyond anything I could ask or think. It is hard to perceive that that little baby was born to die for us. I opened my heart to ask Jesus in and make my life (and me) what it should be…like caring for others and not selfishly for myself first; by loving them by meeting their needs instead of mine, and sadly, praying for those who do not want to know Him. Their loss; their desolation so that they do not even know what they have missed for their life; mostly my prayers for their loss of eternal life with God and His Love instead of the eternal darkness they will have.
Yes! I am forever blessed to have Jesus in my life.