Where do I start? Reinvention of Me

How do I reinvent myself after teaching visual arts for 24 years, with an RN degree somewhere in the middle?  There was a period when I painted full time and was part of a professional artist group that met for critique once a week.  I did a lot of juried shows and won a number of awards. I was also teaching art part time.  When schools were cutting budgets in the art programs of the 70’s in lieu of science and math, I decided it would not be long when I would be out of a job.  I was not interested in the commercial art field but I had a longtime desire to study the sciences and become a nurse. 

One day, this “duck out of water” realized that I wanted back into teaching visual arts again so I quit my job with two great surgeons,  and immediately found myself hired as an art teacher. Then it evolved into full time if I wanted to keep a job. Fast forward……High school kiddos can wear you out!  My creative juices were gone by the evening and soon I lost my desire to do any painting after work. February 2017 I decided it was time to retire from teaching and try to paint again full time and that is where I am as I write this. I want to find a market that fits ME and the experimental painting that I do. The new art speak word is presently  called “intuitive painting”.  This simply means I just start with a loaded palette and a canvas and go at it.  What colors are the flavor of the day? What concept will I explore? How many under-paintings will I make until I declare definitively , “I’m done. Will anyone like it? Nooo-noooo! Don’t go there,” I tell myself. I have 50 years of art experience under my belt. Just because my venue is changed, I have not!

 I decided to trust my experience and knowledge plus the God-given talent that was packed, then squished and then reborn in me.  You can begin anywhere in your life span to create. There is no numerical rule. Grandma Moses started in her 80’s. Tell me about your experiences in the comment section, please.