I’ve Been in a Cyber-Vortex.

Forgive me…I feel guilty that I have not blogged since September. I confess I forgot about you. The invisible vortex of life sucked up everything that was tidy, organized and non-chaotic and left me with my head spinning. Scientists call my imaginary vortex,’the black hole’. It is the place where we loose things. I am sure my car keys are up there. It is the place our thoughts go when another one intrudes, and we end up thinking, “Why did I walk into this room in the first place?” My good sense flies up into the black hole and rolls around like a pebble in a spinning jar.

You have also been there. Don’t deny it! It is called too busy; it is being dragged down by the needs of others; it is an unfocused mind. It messes up everything I planned. It seems like my thoughts are going in a hundred directions; my head is spinning on my shoulders and I want to just sit and rest with eyes closed and make sense of my nonsense.

This black hole also sucks up my computer files or messes with me so my finder can’t find (which is its purpose.Yes?) So, I call my IT son but he is too busy to answer. Finally, my nonsense makes sense, and I go to Search HELPS, which I should have done in the first place. Helps gives me an idea of what I need to do to unravel my ravel. Now, I have to interpret the directions to finally solve my computer problem. Only, I lost a precious hour or two.

Beware…this is the time of year that we need to slow down, so go to your studio and just play with your art materials. I said, “play”. Do nothing serious, just scribble lines and shapes. For me, there is only one thing that helps. Prayer and reading my Bible. That is my place of calm I seek. Usually, I will even begin to get inspiration.

Thankfully, I have begun to incubate a theme that I started years ago. It began with a painting in acrylics, that I completed in 20 minutes. It is the ONLY one that I painted in such a brief time. It is called “Ancient of Days” and is contemporary in nature. The painting has a kind of ephod that an old testament priest would wear into the tabernacle or tent of meeting. Actually, I had no preset idea on even painting this subject. It just happened. This painting won two Best in Shows and another ‘Women on Paper’ Award. I really believe God inspired it and then blessed it.

“Ancient of Days” lead to another one called, “Guardians of the Gate” and is my depiction of the two angels who sealed up the Garden of Eden after the fall of man. I am aware that many of you may not read the Bible, nor want to. I understand. We are all at different places and beliefs, and I am not being judgmental or proud, so please don’t let me lose you. It’s just what works for ME. I had discovered these two paintings in an old portfolio while organizing my studio. Truthfully, I forgot about them even though their awards hang on my studio wall. Suddenly, I had an explosion of inspiration to continue this Biblical Genesis theme. Now that I have retired from teaching visual arts and have time to create again, I need to get to it! While teaching, all my creativity was poured out on the students and there was nothing left at the end of the day. You know the feeling! Empty tank.

Just feed your creativity any way you can this season. Make holiday decorations. Design and print wrapping paper for gifts. Make creative collage book covers for your friends’ journals. Even do stupid stuff like walnut ornaments for the tree. (I apologize, crafters.) Just understand and honor the gift of artistry in you. It needs an ‘outlet’ or it dies. Trust me, I have been there and it is hard getting it back. If your time is still limited, use your iPad or phone to listen/watch creative YouTubes while you cook dinner. This idea really helped me in time famine. I know some artists that need to create because it pulsates in their blood. They are driven to create. The Masters were like that. Sadly, I am fickle. I would love to be so inspired that I long to get into my studio. I am diverse and have many gifts that I need to use. However, I create in many ways, even as I write this blog.

All this is to say, ‘honor your gift’ and the Giver. I really am at peace in this crazy season. I am filled with joy and love, and I am spiritually lifted above all this seasonal chaos because my peace doesn’t depend on myself to dig myself out. Instead, my faith is in a Good God who sustains me and gives me hope in this threatening world. So, this is the gift I want to present you with this November. Be blessed. Enjoy every moment. Time is short.