I’m In The Mood to Clean Up and Throw Out!

For an artist, throwing out doesn’t happen often. Besides the local dump, we are in second place as the pack-rats of society. We collect. We never know when a spark of creativity will hit and we will find use for the thing we stored somewhere. SOMEWHERE is the key. Where IS somewhere? 

Today, I got a whim to clean out my studio because my organization talent was taking me over. My studio needed some reorganization to make more space for more stuff I might move in. Remember, I am a creative pack-rat.  Well, I found things I forgot I had.

I discovered some really cool art books, popsicle sticks to thin paint with water, candles (not to light) but to seal the edges of illustration board before painting, spray bottles of watered down paint in four colors, oiler-boiler bottles ( Look it up in an art catalog).  I found my ages-old printmaking tools  from college when l was learning to do drypoint etching on a zinc plate. I will reinvent them for some other process, but I am definitely NOT throwing these out.  I found my Goo Gone that  I was looking for two months ago. The biggest find of the day was my airbrush propellant but I never found the airbrush. I will save it because I just know the airbrush will turn up someday. 

I owned a ton of inspirational art books. I left most of them in my art classroom when I retired from teaching two years ago. My husband said, ” You cannot, cannot take all these books home!”  You know. Those books you leaf through at Barnes and Noble that “speak” to your inner child and say, “You need me. Buy me. Buy me because you like the pictures”. Then, before I finally gain control of myself,  I have four books in the cart that I NEED!

NowYears later, I say to this greedy artist person, “What were you thinking? You never lever did this kind of art!”.  However, as a pack-rat. I may someday like to paint like that. I moved out of my art room at the school,  with a forlorn sigh and only 3 boxes of art books, telling myself that the new art teacher will always let me back in  to ‘borrow’ one of my own books that I was so nice to give her.  I felt like I disowned my puppy! Worse, I felt like a selfish giver. Guilt. Shame. Ok Girl. Get a grip and move on.

I do not think I will ever change. I FEAR not having that hidden art supply, just when the creative idea of the century hits and the spell will be broken because I have to get in my car, drive  six miles to Sam Flax Art Store and spend my money for something I just know is somewhere in the studio.

The best thing I can do is organize my stuff into  logical ‘zones’ like a computer directory. Then I can look in the ‘region’ of where it might be. No need to look everywhere, yay! I’ll remember to try the left corner of the closet, third shelf in an organizing basket number two. Aha!

I’m so glad for today, Five hours of moving stuff around has made my life easier. I’m glad I took the time to do it. Now, I will use my label maker to tag my stuff because I will never remember which basket or drawer I moved things to.

I feel so good, so productive!  I did myself a great favor taking the time to organize.  Kiss, kiss me.