The Only Way For Me Is Up

An art business is hard work so we have to dig our heels in and not give up.

I’m stubborn. I hate to give up. This attitude can be an advantage or disadvantage. There might be something better waiting for us, and stubbornness can make us miss a blessing. Or we may get discouraged and tired of trying, so we decide we have had enough and quit.

What is the difference and what can I do?

When we are able to discern what our inner voice and catch our toxic contemplations, we can change our attitude. Thoughts trail into our minds constantly, even when we sleep. Our brains are twenty four, seven.

Above all, I am learning not to listen to my negative babel. This may include things that I hear from others or even my own thoughts. I use a discerning “sentry gate” that says, ‘No! I will reject that thought’. I have no time for discouragement.

We have to be an objective observer of our thoughts.

  • Throw out the mind garbage.
  • Believe in yourself and the talent that you was born with.
  • See it as a gift personal gift when you were born.
  • Believe that you have distinct destiny to bring good into our world.
  • Activate the first steps to moving up.

I believe my art brings enjoyment for others. It serves to open up peoples’ appreciation and emotional awareness of their environment.

     My art can be a vehicle to help others.

Remember, I stated that the only way for me is up. This means I will not allow myself to entertain failure. Yes, there are learning moments that sharpen my skills and performance and when it seems like I fail. I choose to see it as practice to improve. Actually, I think we need to develop a thick skin, to be an artist.

How do you perceive failure?

One upon a time, I perceived my failures and disappointments as my fault for being inadequate. I was believing my imaginary, too high perfectionist goals could not be achieved. I lost hope. How does one set a comfortable standard for yourself?

Likewise, for you to easily start out on this journey, you can set one desired goal. Then think of what you have to do to get there. Make it reachable by formulating smaller steps. Each stride forward is an advance toward your goal. I have set mine to sell my original art and reproductions (prints).

Another goal is to exhibit my art so it is seen by more people. Guess what! I just reached that goal. Currently, I have two paintings on exhibit in the Albin Polasek Museum, Winter Park, FL.

African Orchid by Marsh Gegerson, watercolor 22×30. This stylized floral painting expresses my love and fascination for the varieties orchids. I grow collect and grow them here in Florida.
Hopeful Conservancy by Marsh Gegerson, Watercolor, 28×19
This painting reveals plant life of the forest and how we can destroy it with carelessness and disregard. The central section expresses the destruction and reduction of our forest lands by fires.
 We relocated. I had to begin again!

When we moved from Broward County to Orange County, Florida, I had to start over. All my art contacts were in South Florida where I often exhibited and was active on the art scene. Packing up my studio for this move disoriented me. I began teaching visual arts full time in a high school. Though rewarding, my painting career was put on hold.

I was too tired to have even a lick of creativity energy when I arrived home. I wore it out in my art classroom. Actually, many of my senior students endeavored to make art a profession. and were accepted into some of the country’s best art institutions. This was was my humble and enjoyable reward.

Then, when I retired 3 years ago, I felt lost. I needed to formulate a new direction for income as it was now a key issue. I did not even enter my studio that year. After a while, I was motivated to paint again and hopefully I could move others to enjoy collecting my art. This also would supplement my retirement income.

Similarly, I wanted to find a means to serve others whose lives were in a difficult place. Since I personally knew many rich people that were miserable because they served themselves, they became self-ish. I needed to guard about that in my life.

By creating and providing art for people to collect, I would be able to make the lives of others better.

Hopefully, when I prosper through my art, I want contribute to the foundations that provide wells in impoverished areas. Clean water is a way for me to bring joy to others. If someone has to draw water from the river their cow is standing in, their health is threatened. Wells can defeat sickness and raise a villages’ standard of living.

To accomplish this end, I am learning about the art business by enrolling in a course named ART BIZ SUCCESS with Alyson Stanfield as my art coach. The course is challenging but I have set art goals and I am slowly working to achieve them with Alyson’s help and a bunch of members who are also building an art business.

By the way, if you are desiring to be an artist and to sell your work, I recommend you explore this link. Https://

In summary, this is what ‘up‘ means to me.

First of all, it means not remaining stagnant. Additionally, I am not failing because that word isn’t even in my vocabulary! Hence, rising UP means setting my vision further than what I perceive now, so that my reach extends beyond my present grasp. I am choosing to go forward and not stand still!

In summary, be a believer in yourself!

  • Stay positive.
  • Dump bad thinking.
  • See a vision for your life.
  • Use your talent.
  • Reach for your goal
  • Then set another goal, and another.
  • Say everyday, I am an artist. I love to create and get better and better at it.
  • Repeat daily, I am successful.

Bon chance